Music education news and reports – International

This post will be updated each time we add international music education news and reports.

Millions of U.S. Students Denied Access to Music Education, September 2022
Despite significant progress made in recent years to keep music and the other arts in U.S. public schools, millions of U.S. public school students still do not have access to these programmes according to recent findings by The Arts Education Data Project (AEDP).
Book ‘Role & Importance of Music Education in Schools’ released, August 2022
The Department of Music at Government GLDM Degree College, Hiranagar, India has released a book with the title ‘Role and Importance of Music Education in Schools’.
Why Pakistan needs music education, June 2022
Music education could bring opportunities to our children to engage in a global community.
Why Australian students are missing out when it comes to music, May 2022
Australian students are missing out when it comes to music education. But it’s not because it’s been cut from the curriculum.
Luxembourg makes music education for children free, April 2022
Luxembourg will introduce free public music education applying to about two thirds of pupils, with partial or complete reimbursement for the rest, strengthening funding for municipalities that offer music lessons.
Music education moot starts on high note, March 2022
Conference will serve as footing for promoting music education in Pakistan.
Canadian research project finds glaring inequities in music education, February 2022
The report exposes wide inequities from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, reporting that in many instances children in the same school district, or even in adjacent schools, have differing access to music education.
Preschool teachers sound a happy note in South Australia with the announcement of free music Professional Development, February 2020
All packages feature a full-day professional development workshop with a registered music education organisation and attendance at a half-day Music Education workshop with Dr Anita Collins, Neuromusical educator.
More music needed in Australian classrooms after 20-year decline, May 2019
Dr Anita Collins wants the curriculum to be updated to reflect the benefits of art and music education.
Govt sets deadline to make South Australia the nation’s leader in music education, November 2018
South Australian schools will lead the nation in music education by 2029 under a State Government plan to reverse what teachers say has been as a gradual slipping of SA’s standing.
Why the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra continues to invest in music education, June 2018


The Status of Music Education in Australia & The Future Path, 2017
Music Australia as part of its advocacy work in Music Education has prepared a summary report with recommendations into the future path of Music Education. Music Australia is seeking an increased commitment by the Australian Federal Government so that all Australian students and the larger Australian community can benefit from universal student access to music in our schools.
Sound Links: Community Music in Australia, 2009
This report explored, as its original Australian Research Council grant subtitle indicates, “the dynamics of musical communities in Australia, and their potential for informing collaboration with music in schools”. Sound Links examines the musical life of six contrasting communities across Australia, including a Brisbane suburb, Inala, which has a significant Indigenous population, and Borroloola, a remote Indigenous community in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. All six community studies explore the links between musical activity in the local community and school music education, providing case studies of what each can contribute and how they can become something more than the sum of their separate contributions.
National Review of Music Education, 2005
In 2004, the then Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) instigated a major National Review of Music Education. The 313-page report was published in 2005. It was authored by a team of eight headed by Western Australian academics Robin Pascoe and Sam Leong, reporting to a 15-member Steering Committee headed by Professor Margaret Seares of the University of Western Australia School of Music, formerly chair (1997-2001) of the Australia Council.
National Report on Trends in School Music Education Provision in Australia, 2003
The Music Council of Australia, in collaboration with the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) and the Australian Music Association (AMA) commissioned a National Report on Trends in School Music Education Provision in Australia — commonly known as the Stevens report after its chief investigator, Associate Professor Robin Stevens, a Principal Fellow at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music who remains a leader in music education research in Australia.

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