Music education advocacy opinion articles

Advocacy – music education opinion articles

This page contains opinion articles on music education in the UK and around the world. You can also visit our other pages on newsresources, and campaigns. These pages are updated each time we add articles.

Kent Bonacki explains the role of the arts in education, February 2020
Music will die in Britain unless we get it on everyone’s syllabus, September 2019
Music, dance and drama: Why schools in Rwanda should uphold the arts culture, September 2019
UK primary music education is a lottery. Here’s how to help, September 2019
Music is a vital urban resource. How do we plan for it?, September 2019
Benefits to youngsters of music lessons are off the scale, June 2019
5 steps to help save music education in England, May 2019
Rob Adediran, executive director of the London Music Masters education charity, comments on the #SaveOurMusic campaign led by a group of LMM alumni and asks, ‘What can we do to save music for the next generation?’.
Dr Anita Collins calls for Australian schools to boost music education, March 2019
Giving talent a fair hearing, January 2019
What recruitment practices best support diversity? Damian Iorio explains how the National Youth String Orchestra makes sure it’s ability and not background that counts.
Music also matters in the real world, November 2018
Edward R Howe, associate professor at Thompson Rivers University in British Colombia, Canada, asks what can be done to support and encourage music education for all?
How music education benefits the brain, November 2018
Music education ‘thrown to the wolves’ in England, November 2018
Musician John Thirkell has called on the Westminster government to support music lessons for children.
‘Music boosts attainment – and transforms communities’, November 2018
With school music tuition under threat in Scotland, one leader argues that music has the power to break down barriers.
Is there a music education crisis?, November 2018
Secondary schools have been subject to cutbacks in music education, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the many recent successes and advances in this area, argues Carol Reid, Programme Director at Youth Music.
Learning music early can make your child a better reader, November 2018
Dr Anita Collins explains how learning music in the early years of schooling can help children learn to read.
Music education helps improve children’s ability to learn, October 2018
Music educator, Dr Anita Collins, explains how
Arts vital for a child’s sense of inclusion, September 2018
The creative arts should be immovable parts of a child’s school day, something cherished and valued, says Lenny Henry.
Arts in English schools: the end of an era, September 2018
Why Music at School Matters: The decline of music in Belgian schools and the need to revive it, September 2018
More than an elective: Why music education is essential, August 2018
Sing out! The value of music education, August 2018
Sheku Kanneh-Mason is a state school success story. He may never have a successor, July 2018
School music is more than an enjoyable pastime, June 2018
The Guardian view on educational priorities: arts not grammars, May 2018
Cuts to school funding and music education mean we are failing Bristol’s children, May 2018 – Phil Castang, Bristol Music Trust
‘Protect music education at all costs’, May 2018 – Sadiq Khan, mayor of London
Do we need music education in schools?, April 2018
Music education is now only for the white and wealthy – Guardian opinion, March 2017
The quiet decline of music in British schools, March 2018
Barely one in 20 pupils took music GCSE last year. How much longer will the world dance to Britain’s tune?
Music education needs to be fought for – let’s not allow it to slip away – TES, Philip Viveash
Music education out of tune with how young people learn – Musical Routes Report, Royal Philharmonic Society, 2016
Music education must move beyond classical and become more inclusive – Matt Griffiths, CEO Youth Music, 2014
The end of music in schools as we know it?, September 2012 – Howard Goodall

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