Nonprofit demonstrates music education can produce increases in academic achievement


Education Through Music, based in the Bronx, New York City, works in 28 ‘high-needs’ schools, helping teachers integrate music throughout the curriculum and providing certified music teachers, who see every student at least once a week.

Its researchers found that at schools with the music programme, the students scored 5.4 percentage points higher on state maths exams and 4.6 percentage points higher on English compared to students at similar schools without music education.


In the early 1990’s, Katherine Damkohler, now executive director at Education Through Music, was hired as the principal of a school slated for closure within 12 months. In order to create a wonderful last year for the students, the school introduced one new programme, Education Through Music, which brought music education to all students in the school, as a core subject. Introducing music education into the curriculum immediately brought excitement to the school. Students were more engaged, dedicated to their studies, with higher self-confidence and academic achievement improved overall. Now, Education Through Music uses its research results to back up what it already knows: providing music education in schools serves as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school, and increase self-confidence.


Huffington Post:

ETM first evaluation report 2008 (statistical analysis of 500+ students):

Other ETM evaluation reports: 



BENEFIT: Academic achievement
TARGET GROUP: Disadvantaged young people
AGE: Unspecified
TYPE OF STUDY: Organisations’ own evaluation
NOs INVOLVED: 15,000
DATE: 2014
PLACE: United States

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