How music could reduce healthcare costs of the UK’s ageing population

A year-long study by the Institute of Education, University of London, found that older people who are part of music groups are more likely to be happier – and even healthier – than their peers who opt for alternative leisure pursuits.

The researchers surveyed 400 people aged between 50 and 93 who participated in community music sessions. Activities ranged from singing and composing to playing the ukulele and dancing the Samba. They questioned an additional 100 people who attended classes in arts and crafts, yoga or languages, or who were part of a book club or social group. The study found that those who took part in music groups had higher levels of well-being, including a stronger sense of purpose in life and of feeling in control. They also had more positive social relationships than those taking part in other activities.


Institute of Education:


BENEFIT: Health and wellbeing
TARGET GROUP: Older people
AGE: 50-93 years
MUSIC TYPE: Amateur music groups
TYPE OF STUDY: Academic research
NOs INVOLVED: 500 (400 music, 100 arts/crafts)
DATE: 2013
PLACE: United Kingdom

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