Youth Music projects report musical, personal, social outcomes

The National Foundation for Youth Music (‘Youth Music’) is the leading UK children’s charity using music to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people. In 2013-14, analysis of the evaluation reports submitted by those organisations funded by Youth Music showed that music-making activities had led to positive musical, personal and social outcomes for children and young people, particularly those in challenging circumstances.

Chapters in their ‘Learning Report 2013-14’ explore the following outcomes:

  • Musical outcomes
  • Developing technical skills and abilities
  • Developing musical understanding and communication
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of musical worlds and roles
  • Personal outcomes
  • Intrinsic personal skills Extrinsic personal skills
  • Social outcomes
  • Individuals and groups
  • Communities and environments


Download the Youth_Music_Learning_Report_2013-14

Visit the Youth Music website

Visit the Youth Music Network website – the online network for people working in music education and community music around the UK

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