Connect:Resound report from NYMAZ

New report proves digital technology is key to improving access to music education in rural areas

Following a pilot project – Connect: Resound which involved 71 children from seven primary schools across North Yorkshire, music education in rural areas could soon be getting a digital boost.

The seven-week pilot project explored low-cost methods of providing online instrumental lessons remotely, and trialled video-streaming technologies and online communication tools, such as Skype and Twitter.

79.5 per cent of parents and carers said they would not have tried to find instrumental lessons for their children had this opportunity not been available. And 70.1 per cent of pupils said they enjoyed the lessons ‘very much’ and 74.1 per cent said they wished to continue to learn their instruments ‘very much’ or ‘quite a lot’.

The research was led by youth music development charity NYMAZ, along with music education practitioners from the North Yorkshire County Council Music Hub, researchers from the University of Hull and technologists from UCan Play.

Heidi Johnson, director of NYMAZ, said: “Children living in rural areas currently miss out when it comes to music education. The use of digital technology could put an end to that inequality and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure it happens.”

NYMAZ (summary):
NYMAZ (full report):
York Press:

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