Levi’s launches an education programme to support young musicians

Levi’s recently announced a long-term initiative in the US and UK, to provide young people with access to music education, responding to the fact that music education is being cut in schools.

The brand has worked with four musicians so far to launch a series of music education programmes for young people in the UK and USA.

It has worked with London grime artist, Skepta, to launch a two-month music programme at a community centre in Tottenham, covering lighting design, sound production and building a social media presence as an artist. And it has worked with Alicia Keys to create a music technology course at a school in Brooklyn, New York, introducing students to sound engineering, audio-visual production, post-production, mastering and songwriting.

With hip-hop artist Vince Staples it has worked to create a music technology programme for teens at a YMCA in Long Beach, California, which kicked off with a songwriting class led by Staples. And musician SZA also teamed up with the brand back in April to put on a summer concert and community event promoting healthy eating in New Jersey.

Jennifer Sey, chief marketing officer at Levi’s, says the idea for the project came out of research which revealed that music education is being cut in schools.

“We thought that was quite sad really, so what we aim to do with these artists is to create customised programmes that they help us build,” she explains. “Not each one is the same but we work with them to essentially bring music education back to their communities. The idea is to give kids a chance to learn music and express themselves in a positive way. If they become musicians, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. Really, the benefit is in the learning.”

Projects will be documented online and Levi’s is promoting the scheme on social media using the hashtag #supportmusic. The brand is also selling #supportmusic pins online and in stores and proceeds will go towards funding new programmes around the world.

Creative Review: https://www.creativereview.co.uk/levis-launching-education-programme-support-young-musicians/
Levi’s Music Project: http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/features/liveinlevis/

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