Stop treating music in schools as background noise

Too many schools and educators are still treating music as background noise, says the executive director of a US music charity. Many don’t realise that even in the smallest doses, the impact of music is vast.

In this Huffington Post blog, Lydia Kontos, the executive director of the non-profit organisation, Kaufman Music Center, argues that it is undeniable that growing up in a musically rich environment positively impacts learning.

That’s because practicing an instrument, understanding rhythm and notes or performing in an orchestra or band is more than simply making music – it’s helping to facilitate learning in other subjects and enhancing the skills all students use and need on a day-to-day basis.

She implores schools and educators across the USA to stop treating music as white noise, and suggests that they grasp the opportunity to change the tune for the next generation of thinkers, scientists, artists and leaders.

Huffington Post:
Kaufman Music Center:

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