Tackling the achievement gap through music education

Image from Pixabay, reproduced under Creative Commons CC0.
Image from Pixabay, reproduced under Creative Commons CC0.

Dixon Hall Music School in Toronto is addressing the achievement gap experienced by young people from low-income neighbourhoods through music.

Studies agree: music education is one of the best ways to put kids on a path to success and enable them to achieve their fullest potential.

Learning music positively impacts language development—children who study music tend to have a larger vocabulary and more advanced reading skills than peers who do not participate in music lessons. Children who study a musical instrument are also more likely to excel in all of their studies; to work better in teams; to have enhanced critical thinking skills; and to stay in school and pursue further education. Students who participate in high-quality music programs consistently score higher on reading and spelling tests.

“We believe that every child, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, should have the chance to learn music,” says Neil Hetherington, CEO of Dixon Hall. “We see the difference music can make in the lives of young people, and we want to give the gift of music to all children and youth in the Regent Park community.”

The Bulletin: http://thebulletin.ca/tackling-the-achievement-gap-through-music-education-at-dixon-hall-music-school/

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