“An Instrument for Every Child” – Estonia’s ambitious music initiative

As part of Estonia’s centenary celebrations in 2018, Britta Tarvis highlights an ambitious project which is aiming to comprehensively upgrade the country’s instrument collections and its music education overall.

“An Instrument for Every Child”, is a project which seeks to boost music education in Estonia. The initiative follows a study conducted a few years ago of the instrument collections of Estonia’s music education institutions. It found that many of the instruments currently in use were damaged from wear and tear.

During the next four years the project will upgrade the instrument collections of institutions that offer music education to children and young people all over Estonia, and enhance instrument training in Estonia. The initiative is propelled by the dream that every child in Estonia will have access to whichever instrument they want to learn.


Estonian World: http://estonianworld.com/culture/instrument-every-child-estonia-strikes-right-chord-ambitious-music-initiative/

An Instrument for Every Child: https://www.ev100.ee/en/instrument-every-child

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