“It is time to make music lessons accessible for every child”

So says MI-Pro website editor, Laura Barnes.

She says that there aren’t many people who would argue against the idea that education is important for not only developing a child’s brain academically, but also helping them understand social situations, express themselves and much, much more.

While we can all agree that it’s important to read and write, understand the science of the world around us, and perform basic arithmetic, it appears to be harder to convince the government why creative subjects are vital to children’s wellbeing in the UK.

She goes on to mention a number of initiatives and reasons why music education should be accessible to each child and concludes:

With all of this information and the abundance of surveys showing how learning an instrument positively impacts children’s lives, to me, it is quite simply astonishing that we are faced with a situation where music lessons are under threat from being reduced, or even removed from school curriculums altogether. If anything, we should be moving in the opposite direction to make learning an instrument accessible for every child in the UK.

Musical Instrument Professional: http://www.mi-pro.co.uk/news/read/opinion-it-is-time-to-make-music-lessons-accessible-for-every-child/022672

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