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Music lessons by Skype planned by new arts education centre in Cambridge

Recorded and live music lessons are to be made available to people in Cambridgeshire via Skype as part of an initaitive from a new Centre for Research and Engagement in Arts, Technology and Education – CREATE.

Matthew Gunn, head of Cambridgeshire Music, the county hub for music education and arts therapies, said: “The whole idea of teaching music by Skype is very new.

“NESTA funded the first wave of research by North Yorkshire Music Action Zone (NYMAZ) which proved it worked as a concept. We have followed this up with our own research: we are giving lessons to a young percussion learner in Germany from our Huntingdon Centre to trial this exciting new technique – and it is working really well.”

In June 2017, Arts Council of England awarded Cambridgeshire County Council £1million to help build CREATE, but a further £1.3m is required from the private sector to reach the target of £3.6m.

Cambridgeshire Music will seek a business partner for headline sponsorship, as well as applying for further grants and launching a big crowdfunding campaign.

The music education hub in Wiltshire, Wiltshire Music Connect has already successfully piloted Skype drumming lessons and is about to roll the programmes out further to schools in Wiltshire. Watch the Hit It! promotional video.

Photo courtesy of Gloucestershire music charity The Music Works – transforming lives through music.

Cambridge News:

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