The overlap of neural systems for processing language and music

An e-book by academics in the USA (published in 2016) contains 10 opinion, perspective, and research papers exploring the overlap between music and language processing in the brain.

This special issue highlights the development of this overlap in early childhood and explores how the interaction between language and musical training enhances cognitive functioning in adults.

Eight of the papers report original research and new findings that support overlapping neural systems for processing language and music.

The editor concludes that both musical experience and training enhance the development of language, perception of emotion, and other cognitive skills, and that the research contributes to current knowledge of neuroplastic reorganisation and repair in clinical populations, and may aid in the design of new rehabilitative protocols.


The e-book is published by Frontiers and written by McNeel Gordon Jantzen from Western Washington University, Edward W Large from the University of Connecticut, and Cyrille Magne from Middle Tennessee State University.

Image from Pixabay, reproduced under Creative Commons CC0.



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