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This post features the latest news about music education. You can also visit our other pages on resources, campaigns and opinion articles. These pages are updated each time we add news about music in schools. It focuses mainly on the UK currently.


UK governments

English schools shut out from DfE music curriculum panel, January 2019
The Westminster government has come under fire for choosing just three serving school leaders for its 14-strong panel that will develop its new “model” music curriculum for England.
Westminster government announces new music curriculum to be created in England by panel of experts, January 2019
Schools Minister Nick Gibb announces plans for new curriculum in England alongside a £1.33m injection of funding for music hubs.
Last waltz for music tuition in Scottish schools, January 2019
Rising tuition fees for pupils interested in learning music have led to an increase in those dropping out of classes.
Cultural sector continues to grow faster than the UK economy, December 2018
The economic output from the cultural sector is now just under £30bn, having grown by 7.3% in one year.
EBacc partly to blame for decline in music at GCSE in England, December 2018
A senior Westminster Government Minister has for the first time pointed to the controversial EBacc education policy as one of the causes of a decline in music in English schools.
The ISM releases report on the future of music education in England, December 2018
The report makes a series of recommendations for both music education in the classroom and any revised National Plan for Music Education in England.
New research shows creativity will become even more important to the growth of jobs between now and 2030, November 2018
Ofsted says narrow curriculum is risk to quality of education in England, November 2018
Young musicians make impassioned plea over music tuition in Scotland, November 2018
Two Scottish Youth Parliament members give evidence to Holyrood’s education committee as part of its inquiry into music tuition in schools.
Wales urged to consider moving music services away from local authorities, November 2018
The Welsh Government has also been advised to establish national pop and rock competitions, and significantly increase funding for musical instruments.
DfE to ‘test appetite’ for music as facilitating subject, November 2018
DfE to write to universities after failure to list A-level music as facilitating subject branded ‘profoundly unhelpful’.
House of Lords debate on the state of music education in schools, October 2018
Music in society inquiry October 2018-March 2019
Ofsted to refocus on ‘broad curriculum’ in England, October 2018
Campaigners against the EBacc have welcomed the move, but say it will not be enough on its own to save arts subjects.

Research figures -related

Teaching music in school ‘ticking boxes’ as numbers fall in Wales, November 2018
The number of pupils in Wales studying music at A-level has halved in 10 years while GCSE entries have seen a 40% drop.
Drop in pupils getting music tuition in Scottish schools, November 2018
The number of children receiving musical instrument tuition in Scotland’s schools has dropped by more than 1,200 over the past year.
Music education in England at significant risk of disappearing, new University of Sussex research reveals, October 2018
Music disappearing from curriculum in England, October 2018
Fewer schools in England offering subject at A-level and fewer pupils taking it at GCSE.

Schools providing compulsory music at year 9 has halved in the last 6 years

Fears for the future of music lessons in schools in England, October 2018
Is EBacc affecting what students study at GCSE and A-level in England?, August 2018
Since 2013, the number of A-level entries in arts subjects in England, which include drama, music and art, has fallen by 14,000, almost 15%. While, entries in Stem subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – have increased by 15,500, 6%.







Arts slashed as core subjects take over in England, August 2018
Latest figures for 2017 show that the time spent teaching music is down 11% at KS3, and 12% at KS4.
GCSE results in England confirm continued collapse of arts in schools, August 2018
Music entries down 7.4%, and performing and expressive arts entries down 41.4%
GCSE Results Day 2018 in England: uptake of creative subjects down by 10.2%, August 2018
Music A-level “in danger of disappearing from England’s state schools”, August 2018
The sharp warning from the Association of School and College Leaders comes as A-level data in England reveals the decline in entries for arts subjects has doubled in speed since last year.
Arts teacher numbers plummet by almost a quarter in England, July 2018
9,000 secondary school arts teachers have left their jobs in England since 2011
Collapse in GCSE arts subjects in England gathers pace, May 2018
The fall in entry numbers in England for GCSE arts subjects has reached record levels
Music instruction ‘at risk of extinction’, May 2018
Teaching union warns of impact of ‘catastrophic cuts’ in Scotland
Growing research on the negative effects of the EBacc:
* University of Sussex research, 700 secondary schools, March 2017
* Cultural Learning Alliance Ebacc evidence and briefings

Other news articles

Govt sets deadline to make South Australia the nation’s leader in music education, November 2018
South Australian schools will lead the nation in music education by 2029 under a State Government plan to reverse what teachers say has been as a gradual slipping of SA’s standing.
Poorer children being priced out of music lessons, November 2018 and Poorer children priced out of learning to play musical instruments, November 2018
Chancellor urged to ‘urgently review’ music education, October 2018
Warning that the decline of music in schools could jeopardise the UK’s multi-billion-pound music industry.
Music education hubs in England struggle to attract older pupils, October 2018
The drop in those aged 14 to 18 was revealed in a report on English music education hubs by Birmingham City University.
Record numbers in England learning instruments in class thanks to music hubs, October 2018
New report shows more than 700,000 pupils in England are benefiting from whole class instrumental teaching.
Music project brings harmony to Gwynedd schools and homes, July 2018
Bacc for the Future gets heard in Parliament, July 2018
MU launches four surveys as part of new UK music education research project, July 2018
Call for new national body to save music education services in Wales, June 2018
Rap tutorials help troubled Scots school pupils turn the page, June 2018
Why the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra continues to invest in music education, June 2018
Top musicians unite in bid for all children to learn an instrument, May 2018
How to improve school results: not extra maths but music, loads of it
The story that broke about music teacher Jimmy Rotheram, head Naveed Idrees and Feversham Primary’s journey from special measures to being in the top 10% nationally.
News consortium forms to address crisis in music education
It features four of the UK’s main access-to-music organisations – Creative United, OHMI, Drake Music and OpenUp Music – who want to make musical instruments more widely available to aspiring young musicians – particularly to disabled people.

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