Music education Wales

Music education reports – Wales

This post will be updated each time we add music education reports and news which is relevant to Wales.


Anthem, the new music fund for music education in Wales – board members announced, February 2019

Welsh Government announces extra funding for music education in Wales to 2020, December 2018

Economist article featuring news about Wrexham’s music service


Hitting the right note – Inquiry into funding for and access to music education, June 2018

This report by the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee at the National Assembly for Wales focuses on addressing the shortfalls in music education provision and achieving consistency across Wales. This is to ensure that every child, regardless of their location or financial backing, has an equal opportunity to progress to excellence.

International best practice in music performance education models and associated learning outcomes for Wales, April 2018

The aim of this research is to provide important background information for the development of a National Music Education Performance Strategy for Wales, which would provide synergy between National Youth Arts, Arts Council Wales (for example the Creative Learning Through the Arts – An Action Plan For Wales 2015 – 2020 report (see below) and Donaldson (2015)), providing for a statuary, core, access offer, on the basis of access, equality and affordability for all.

Report of the task and finish group on music services in Wales, June 2015

This report examined the current and asserted the future role of local authority music services in supporting schools to deliver high quality music education in Wales.

Creative learning through the arts – an action plan for WalesMarch 2015

In 2015, the Welsh Government published its strategic objectives for creative learning through the arts in Wales from 2015 to 2020. In partnership with Arts Council Wales, the Welsh Government’s plan responded to the 12 recommendations in Professor Dai Smith’s report.




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