Music mental health

Using music as a coping strategy for mental health – blog

With Olly Murs and other stars performing in a major mental health fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, Music 4 Mental Health, music and mental health is in the headlines again. Most of us have used music at some point to improve our mood or add atmosphere to our surroundings. But how does music impact on our emotional wellbeing and how can you use it to improve your own or others’ mental health?

This article looks at some of the research around the effect of music on mood, and of making music on mental health and wellbeing; and gives some tips for practitioners working with young people on how to introduce music into their work. It is a guest post written by Anita for Pooky Knightsmith’s blog. Pooky is a mental health educator, speaker and author working in the UK. Read more …

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