Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast

Music for Education & Wellbeing Podcast: How can parents/ carers involve children in pre-school music? – with Liv McClennan, community musician

In this new podcast, Anita Holford, co-editor of Music Education Works, is talking with Liv McLennan, who is a community musician and a specialist in early years music.

We discuss what parents and carers can do to introduce music to their pre-school child, and share some starting points and ideas for making music with babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

We talk about:

• keeping it simple – thinking of music as communicating using what’s available to you daily
• being guided by your baby/child
• combining music with movement and touch
• introducing music to your regular daily routines
• using the music you enjoy and not being limited to ‘kiddies’ music
• finding a range of ways to expose your child to music – from apps to concerts
• and we finish with three pieces of advice for parents and carers

You can access the podcast via a blog on our main website –

PODCAST [7] How can parents/carers involve children in pre-school music? With Liv McClennan, community musician

or on iTunes or Spotify (search for Music for Education & Wellbeing).

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