Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast

Music for Education & Wellbeing Podcast: The role of freelancers in the arts and music sector – with Ruth Jones, youth arts specialist

In this new podcast, Anita Holford, co-editor of Music Education Works, is talking with Ruth Jones, who is a youth arts specialist, trainer, music development manager and bass player, as well as being an experienced arts and music development manager currently working with Arts Awards and Wiltshire Music Connect.

We discuss the value self-employed people bring to the sector and the challenges they face; Ruth shares some tips about being clear on your purpose, marketing yourself and earning money; and we talk about what organisations can do to support this growing workforce.

We talk about:

• how as a teenage single-parent living with new-age travellers, Ruth became an arts project manager, and went on to running arts and social justice organisations
• why she feels that freelancers have an important role to play in the sector, and the value they bring
• the importance of focusing on your purpose, financial planning and charging properly for your time
• how freelancers can evaluate and market their work
• whether there’s a need for more support, training, and mentoring for freelancers
• and we finish with a simple way that organisations can help to support freelancers

You can access the podcast via a blog on our main website –

PODCAST [8] The role of freelancers in the arts and music sector – with Ruth Jones, youth arts specialist

or on iTunes or Spotify (search for Music for Education & Wellbeing).

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