Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast

Music for Education & Wellbeing Podcast: Working with disabled people and those with additional needs – Elle Williams, one-to-one music tutor

In this new podcast, Anita Holford, co-editor of Music Education Works, is talking with Elle Williams, a classically-trained guitarist who previously worked as a music tutor in mainstream schools, and now specialises solely in one-to-one music lessons with disabled people and those with additional needs.

We talk about:

  • the lack of music tutors working one-to-one with disabled people, particularly young people with moderate or profound and multiple disabilities
  • the tendency for provision in special needs schools to be music therapy or group music-making
  • and where tutors can find information and guidance to broaden their skills to reach more young people.
  • Elle also shares three helpful tips for fellow music tutors

You can access the podcast via a blog on our main website –

PODCAST [11] Working with disabled people and those with additional needs – with Elle Williams, one-to-one music tutor

or on iTunes or Spotify (search for Music for Education & Wellbeing).



  1. Hi I am a private music instructor from the United States. I want to thank you for posting this. I will be looking into this because not only do I teach people of various segments of society but I myself am legally blind. It would be interesting for you to talk also about the transition we are having to make as private teachers with the COVID-19 quarantine considerations. Keep up the great blog thank you


    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch John, great to hear from you and as you’ll see, I’ve published a mini-series on the pandemic, mainly from organisations in the UK. Would you like to come on the podcast to talk about your inclusive music lessons? If so do let me know.

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      1. My transition has been very simple really. I have been able to transition all of my students to video chat lessons using the Facebook messenger format and in some cases FaceTime. For one on one lessons I’m not finding zoom to be very practical. I’m looking into Instagram video chat as well because it would just be another platform I can utilize. For me it was practically overnight. One day I had students coming in face-to-face the next I just transitioned over. The format was easy but the pedagogy itself was quite a learning curve. I don’t know how much of this would be interesting for your podcast but I’d be glad to share


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