The benefits of music – collected articles and blogs from other sources

Following are a range of articles about the benefits of listening to and making music at all ages and stages of our lives. Most of these have been sent to us by writers and publishers: we hope you find them helpful and interesting. 

Be healthy, happy and mentally fit – make music! and Eight ways that music can support young people’s wellbeing and learning – two articles from our own archive

The benefits of music on our mind, culture and relationships – Rocks Off magazine

Musical moments at home – how to use music to connect – Porch magazine

9 health benefits of music – North Short University Health System blog

10 health benefits of music – Pfizer Medical Team

How listening to music can have psychological benefits – The Very Well Mind blog

10 reasons why music is good for your brain – The Music Industries Association

Why learn to play music? advocacy brochure – NAMM Foundation (US advocacy organisation)

Please contact us if you would like an article to be featured on this page.

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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