Music for Education & Wellbeing podcast


In this new podcast, Anita Holford, co-editor of Music Education Works, is talking with Emma Supica, Education Co-ordinator for Artiphon, a music tech company that creates new instruments to enable everyone to be creative, with or without prior musical experience. It’s latest is the Orba, a palm-held instrument that can be used alone or connected to other technology.

We talk about:

  • Emma’s background in school music teaching, band directing, non-profits, and theatre/comedy improv
  • the importance of play and creation in music
  • Artiphon’s mission to bring music into the hands of more people of all skill levels
  • how the Orba is being used in education, wellbeing and social justice settings
  • how the Orba can be adapted for different people and environments
  • the value of participant and user voice in education, in tech, and in advocating for both

You can access the podcast via a blog on our main website – Podcast [33] Making music accessible to anyone through music tech instruments, with Emma Supica of Artiphon – or on iTunes or Spotify (search for Music for Education & Wellbeing).

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