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Music work with vulnerable young people in Suffolk shows significant impact on wellbeing


A year-long impact study funded by the Cabinet Office’s Impact Readiness Fund, concludes that community music organisation Noise Solution’s fusing of informal music outreach and digital narrative work is “Statistically significant” in impacting on the wellbeing of participants in challenging circumstances.

In February 2016, Noise Solution was awarded funding from the Cabinet Office to work with The Social Investment Consultancy to measure its social impact. The resulting impact report shows that Noise Solution has serious impact with the young people it works with.

Noise Solution pairs professional musicians with people facing challenging circumstances, and they are tasked with making particpants successful at creating the music they value. The organisation then captures and shares their achievements using a blog or a ‘positive digital narrative’.

It is this quick mastery of a skill, combined with the easy and targeted sharing of success with the people whose opinions really matter to them that is allowing participants to reinvent themselves in a positive light.


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Music work with vulnerable young people helps engagement, attainment, confidence and self-determination

Noise Solution Troubled Families ProjectOver the summer of 2013 music organisation Noise Solution worked with seven Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) clients in a pilot project to test the appropriateness and effectiveness of Noise Solution’s methodology for this client group.

Noise Solution is an outcomes driven organisation providing bespoke 1 to 1 support through music and technology and aims to: 1. increase the learner’s confidence 2. foster a greater feeling of self determination 3. provide a successful educational experience with qualification where appropriate 4. increase musical skills 5. facilitate a positive progression to education/volunteering etc

The pilot lasted from May to October and involved 204 hours of delivery to seven young people. It achieved successful engagement and recognised qualifications with 100% of learners, progressed all but one to other positive activities, achieved an attendance rate from a very challenging client group of 94% and in terms of improved functioning every one of the participants reported improvements in key indicators to wellbeing. These improvements were backed up by independent feedback from those closest to the client confirming that improvement.

An evaluation the following year of work with 10 young people from the government’s ‘Troubled Families‘ initiative further demonstrates the organisation’s success in engaging these hard to reach young people and helping them to progress.


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Download the Noise Solution CAMHS impact report 
Download the Noise Solution Troubled Families report


BENEFIT: Engagement in learning, personal development
TARGET GROUP: Young people
AGE: Unspecified
MUSIC TYPE: Music technology
TYPE OF STUDY: Organisation’s own evaluation
NOs INVOLVED: 7 and 10
PERIOD OF STUDY: Less than 1 year
DATE: 2013 & 2014
PLACE: United Kingdom