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Progression beyond music – the importance of exploring personal and social development

Douglas LonieArticle by Dr Douglas Lonie, Research and Evaluation Manager at UK charity Youth Music, encouraging music educators to look at  all the areas of change that can take place through music making (for participants, workforce, organisations and the communities in which this takes place).


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The power of music: its impact on intellectual, social and personal development


In August 2010, Professor Susan Hallam of the Institute of Education at the University of London, published an overview paper on the impact of music on intellectual, personal and social development. Drawing on the results of numerous studies, she concludes that playing an instrument can lead to a sense of achievement; an increase in self-esteem; increased confidence; self-discipline; and provide a means of self-expression. While participating in musical groups promotes friendships; social skills; a sense of belonging; team-work; co-operation; commitment; mutual support; increased concentration and provides an outlet for relaxation.

She is about to (December 2014) publish an updated research paper.


Richard Hallam: International Journal of Music Education: [SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]