This site is a labour of love – developed because I saw a need for one place where people can go to find research about the effects and the value and impact of music education, and making music more generally. It’s now run by myself, Anita, and also Dyfan.

I’ve been following and collecting music research for many years because my day-to-day work involves advocating music and the arts, and helping to develop and improve opportunities for people to make and learn music, particularly young people. I work for clients including music education hubs in the UK, and national and local music and arts organisations.

We’re hoping to be able to find support and/or funding to help us develop this site so that we can keep it even more up-to-date and make it easier to search and find the information you need.

Please contact us if you can help, or if you’re a music researcher and would like to keep us updated with your work or to add a summary of your latest research to this site.

For more information, see our Writing Services website or Inspired by Music blog.



  1. Hi. Really appreciate your site. Wish I had more time to read through it but I’m another overworked/underpaid/underappreciated Band and Orchestra teacher in Dade County FL. Curious as to where you guys are out of? Thank you


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