Don’t stop the music – Australian TV series featuring Anita Collins

Children who play a musical instrument do better academically and socially, but like young people in many other countries, most Australian kids are missing out on this vital part of their education. ABC’s TV series, ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ – modelled on the UK series of the same name – looks at the value of music education with some of Australia’s top music educators, such as researcher and music educator Dr Anita Collins.

The series follows the progress of musicians and music personalities Guy Sebastian and James Morrison as they mentor disadvantaged children at Challis Community Primary School in Perth.

The series is currently available online, but only in Australia – we have enquired about how to access the series in other countries but so far haven’t had any luck. If we do, we’ll update this post. In the meantime, here are two videos which promoted the series.

In this first video (length 20m 11s), broadcaster Russell Torrance interviews Dr Anita Collins who explains how the brain processes music, how music relates to all aspects of education, and the importance of music to a child’s development.

In this second video (length 11m 51s), Guy Sebastian and Dr Anita Collins answer a number of questions about music and state the case for the value of the recorder!

Don’t Stop the Music UK – article

Don’t Stop the Music UK – tips from presenter James Rhodes on playing an instrument

Anita Collins has a new online course for music educators wanting to use neuroscience research about music for advocacy or to inform their practice. Visit the Bigger Better Brains website to find out more.

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