A Singing School is a Successful School – Research Project

In 2017, Out of the Ark Music, in collaboration with Professor Susan Hallam and Milton Keynes and Sheffield Music hubs, worked with 24 primary schools. The aim of the project was to measure the impact that fully integrating singing into the school curriculum could have on a range of issues, including well-being, social inclusion, pupil and teacher confidence, as well as academic attainment across the general and music curriculums.

The study involved 300 teachers and 8,632 children across the 24 schools. They were offered simple training for all their staff alongside free, unlimited use of Out of the Ark’s entire catalogue of songs and all associated resources. Over the course of the term, there were 15,000 minutes of singing from 160 products which contained more than 1,300 songs.

The project report showed the children had a 10% increase in phonics, listening skills, reading fluently, and spatial skills. The schools also recorded an 11.3% improvement in performance in maths. And there was also a 10% increase in the children’s confidence, self-esteem and getting on with others.

You can read the summary report here.

You can read Professor Hallam’s project report here.

Out of the Ark: https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/singing-school-project/

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